I’m so fed up with selling, I’m getting case after case with people trying to get their money back

since people have become aware of the Money back guarantee it seems I’m just getting more and more people wanting their money back, case after case.  I described something as the size on the label, showed a photo of the label, the buyer is saying the label must be wrong.  Listed as ‘no returns’ surely if it doesn’t fit  thats not my fault is it?


Another one saying the description was wrong, when it turns out she hasn’t read the description, just the title!  There is a limit to how much detail you can put in the title.


Another one ‘didn’t like’ the item when she saw it in real life, eventually I said send it back for a refund, but she didn’t think she should pay the costs.  Ebay  reviewed it , gave her a refund and sais she didn’t need to return the item .


Am sick of it, is this happeneing to anyone else?

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