OMG been advised that lost EBay parcels will not be compensated by post office

Basically for ebay sellers who buyers sadly never receive there parcels and we refund fully inclusive of postage won’t happen anymore and haven’t done officially since April 2014 due to the large amount of eBay parcels going missing!!,,
So we can’t claim our compensation back UNLESS EVERY ITEM SENT HAS A SIGNATURE MEANING SMALL PARCEL COST 2nd CLASS 3.90 with signature plus packaging mailbags etc then the 10% eBay charge up for postage that means most parcels minimum cost is now £ 4.90 how are the buyers going to react to that??? Why have eBay not informed us that were not covered?
I think eBay should mail all buyers & sellers this information and update there postage advise costs and state the reason for the increase and necessity for signed for on all parcels is to eliminate fraud as more eBay parcels go missing than any other kind of parcels see there stats I feel very strongly about this as I’ve had one today which I won’t get back GREAT!!!

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