Only learned of DEFECTS now! After 5 years of Top Rated

Hi all,


Unfortunately I have made a terrible mistake that will undoubtedly cost staff their jobs and reduce business for several months.


We sell shoes and therefore we have a lot of returns (sizes don’t fit, sometimes people ‘rent’ for events and return etc). What we have been doing is refunding all returns directly from Paypal.


Apparantly I was supposed to follow some Ebay Flow and cancel the transaction first, before refunding.


I can’t blame Ebay as they seem to have informed everybody of their plans a very long time ago.


I have quickly refunded people, and kept customers happy but not followed the correct process. It looks like I will and unfortunately some other people will pay a heavy price for my oversight.


I called Ebay and told them of the mistake we made where normal returns were counted as defects, and that we had been Top Rated for 5 years, although the Customer Service rep was very sympathetic he said there was no apeals on any defects at all, but he did say there should be.


Anybody else in the same boat? I know it’s my own fault, but I wish Ebay would help in some manner. Do you think there will be an appeals process before August the 20th?

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