Refund/resolution centre problem

I received an email from EBay saying they are reviewing my account as I have has a large number of claims through the Resolution Centre all of a similar nature and of a high volume. They have also removed any negative feedback I have left for sellers over the last 12 months. 


I am extremely shocked at this. I have used the Resolution Centre 12 times over the last 18 months, and only when I could not come to a solution with the seller. This has been predominantly for vintage items which have had more damage than described in the listing. As they are one-off items I usually try to negotiate a partial’ refund if I can repair the item. 


I rang the Customer Services tonight and they say I am unable to get any more protection and the email says if I continue with this behaviour my account may be restricted or suspended. I currently have an open dispute as an item is not working, but I have no idea if I continue with the claim if I will then be suspended. 


All of my claims have been absolutely genuine and the service has been used when I needed help. Now I am being penalised for doing so, and I simply do not understand why.

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