Selling fee’s – help please?!

Hi sorry if this is really simple & easy but i dont do much selling so i’m abit confused. I have sold three items dating from 17/6 to 29/6 and that’s it. Items sold for £19.01, £49.00 and £290
Buyer of the £290 item returned for a refund and i sent them a case to cancel transaction which they ignored and i closed it myself a few days ago. I have just checked my fee’s and it shows as below
Can someone please explain this to me? Thank you in advance


Your PayPal payment for £33.22 was posted to your account on 16-Jul-14 06:41:31.

Account Summary 
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Latest invoice amount (30-Jun-14) : £33.22
New activity applied to the latest invoice noted above: -£64.99
Total Amount: -£31.77
New activity not yet invoiced: £0.00
Current Balance: -£31.77


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