Why don’t EBay suspend sellers?

I am just curious as to why EBay does not do more to stop the ongoing and increasing abuse of the drop down option.


I have searched for many items only to find that if I filter by lowest price I get a string of listing (typically £0.99) that if you go on to have a drop down menu with a totally unrelated item as the only thing for £0.99 and the item you want for a hell of a lot more.


It used to be limited to things like mobile phone cases, but now I am seeing it many other things from bedding to marker pens and even golfing equipment … mobile cases are that bad now you can have to search 10 pages + before you find a honest seller


I understand that the seller … Business sellers for the most part … are doing it to appear higher in the search, but to offer one thing in the listing and then something totally different for the price is Bate and Switch of the worst sort and surly EBay has a duty of care to prevent this wherever possible.


So the question is why do EBay not simply suspend such sellers to make them stop this practise ?

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