Board Post Formatting

I have mentioned this over the last few days but only on individual replies I have made to threads. I can see this does not apply to all but are many others seeeing a forum ‘lite’ in the same manner I am ? The box I an typing in as I write is basically correct but I have no options to add smileys or embolden text etc , just the option of Rich Text/HTML amd Preview. However I type righht now will unformat and just be one long cotnious text with no paragraphing once I hit post. After the even I can see ythe options tag where before I might look to edit but now if I hit it , I don’t get a drop down but simply get taken back to the first post. This has been like this all this week and it matters not what PC I try ( I have 3 separate systems) or what browser I try ( IE/FF or Chrome) I have turned PCs on and off , cleared cookies (etc etc) It clearly isn’t effecting everyone as I can see many many lovely paragraphed postings but something is awry here in front of me.

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