Buyer opens case, I get no response from them and they’ve left negative feedback!

A little annoyed with this! I sold a batch of clothes everything arrived safely to various happy buyers bar one item. The buyer opens a case stating item not received. This case was opened several weeks after the item should have arrived, so I was shocked to get this.
I contacted the buyer explaining how shocked I was as every other parcel send on that date arrived safely but if they could confirm their details I would issue a refund. As I never received a response to my message (dated 3/7) I presumed it must have arrived or it was a dodgy buyer trying to get a freebie!
Tonight that buyer gives me a bad review. The case is still open, I refuse to keep contacting this person and Ebay’s customer service is…well…rubbish.
I’m not sure where or what to do in regards to the open case any help is appreciated.

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