CUSTOMER SERVICE…what customer service???

OMG been trying to get an answer about a defect from customer service and have now been on the phone for over a hour & half as they are passing me from one person to another then just continually on hold saying your call is important please hold… hmmm i havent all day to hold! im thinking they either darent answer me or dont know how to!

my question was….

a seller accidently opened a case by just asking where is my item, I got a defect even though i fully refunded her as item obviously lost and I will claim from royalmail.. she left feed back saying she was sorry she had acidently opened case.. can the defect be removed?.. if not why not?


buyer was horrified to find out she had opened a case (UNHAPPY BUYER) 

me the seller gets a defect (UNHAPPY SELLER)


if this defect doesnt get removed im now thinking… well if im going to get a defect then im not going to refund, not very professional I know but its getting beyond a joke!.. i cant see me trading this time next year…. im dreading xmas  :smileysad:


by the way i have put notes & my telephone number on my ebay forms for when the buyer gets to know when their item is dispatched etc and in the parcels… but if the parcel doesnt get there they dont see it and if they dont read the dispatched email they dont recieve it, anyone have any other ideas please?


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