Do open cases count or not??

This is from the seller protection banner at the top of the My ebay page. You know the one – it’s only been there for a couple of weeks, the one where the lovely Celine tells us that her and her team are there for us. 


Well Dieter, who is shown as the Senior Director of the Seller Protection Team 9so you’d like to think he knows what he’s talking about), tells us under his “Resolve Buyer Issues” link…….




Now to me there are 2 possible reasons – 


1) Somethings changing and it hasn’t been announced. or

2) Dieter deserves a defect of his own


This is a fairly recent banner. It’s written in the “new look” way so whats going on?? I know which one my money is on, but how can something like this, so close to the new system starting (not forgetting it started 11 months ago really), be possible? 


What chance do sellers have when ebay senior staff do not have a clue!!

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