Just Lost TRS…..

My account still shows as being TRS, but when my latest “defect” turns up, that’s it.


Just spent two hours speaking to CS about the low description rating but positive comment debacle I had from the other day, and was told that they’d removed it.  The comment has gone, but for some reason they’ve left the defect standing.


That was my fourth defect!


Just as I get off live chat, a message pops up that I’ve now got an open case…for INR. No warning from buyer – straight to case.


So that’s my fifth defect right there. Item was posted morning after it was purchased, but has gone “missing”.


Not after advice here – just needed to vent a little.


Don’t see a point in the comment that led to defect number 4 being removed, only for the defect to remain. That was the point in me contacting CS.


If the defect had been removed along with the comment, the INR wouldn’t have the impact it’s about to have.


Gutted is an understatement.


Three more….that’s all I need.  Beginning to see why folk here are so peed off and losing the will to battle. Should maybe follow the trend and think about jumping before I’m pushed :smileysad:



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