Scam on eBay and PayPal !!! Help and advice needed ASAP

I’ve been scammed out of £500 via Ebay and Paypal by a buyer who purchased my camera bundle… Ive sold my item in the end of june, last week PayPal send me a message that the ‘buyer’ said the transaction was “unauthorized” and claimed his money back. Although i’ve posted the item with a recorded mail to the address registered on both – paypal and ebay, and now it is clear that the buyer has got the money and my camera and it is a filthy scam…In the result of this there is a -£500 on my PayPal account and camera is gone. Good people, your advice how to get out of this situation is urgently required!!! Should I go to police, call paypal, go to court or what? I am really worried and confused :smileysad:
Thank you for any coop x

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