Hi I recently sold a “brand new with tags” boohoo size 10 dress on ebay. A lady won the dress which I then posted.

Few days later a receive a claim opened against, no message from the seller. The lady was claiming a “black mark” on the dress. So I thought that’s a little strange as the dress was brand new from boohoo and had been checked over by myself before sending.

Anyway I receive this dress back due to the lady opening a claim on me, to not find a “black mark” on the top back part of the dress which is a cream/white now has not a black mark but black biro scribble as if it has been done by a child!

I then get in touch with ebay to say basically I would not be happy with giving this lady a refund as I feel as if she has done this damage herself to my dress then opened a claim to get her money back and blame me!

Ebay customer service is absolutely terrible on struggled to actually get through to a talking human which then left me on hold for half hour to just relay my problem back to me to basically say I have to give this woman a refund!

This has totally put me off using ebay for selling as ebay does not SUPPORT the seller in anyway! Who is to say that this woman was has not done this herself??? Or it did not fit???

I was then given a number by these uneducated people at customer service (who just go silent when they can’t answer your question) for moneyclaim.gov.uk to try to claim MY money back lol yes I will pay £25 to claim my £16.10 for my dress back well done ebay how clever!

Hope this makes people aware how buyers can screw you over!!!

P.s my phone call to ebay customer service coat £6.66 for 37 minutes that is also a joke!

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