Buyer wants a Refund Payment being held

Hi, I posted yesterday regarding a difficult customer.  I sold him a phone, which he claimed is fake, and wanted a refund.  I know the phone is not fake, it was bought from carphone warehouse.  I agreed he could have a full refund if he returned the item to me. He then demanded that i issued a refund before he would send it.  I advised him i could not do this, as per the returns policy, and just for my own piece of mind.  If the phone is genuine, and I refund him, he would probably not send back the phone. Because I would not refund him before I had the phone back, he opened a case against me.  The case advised him to return it for full refund.  I agreed with this and responded by requesting him to return it. He sent the phone and I now have it back.  Apparently if he add’s the tracking number to the case details, and then I confirm I have received it, then the option should appear within the case to “Refund Buyer” He has sent me the tracking number in a message, but i do not believe he has enetered it into the case anywhere.  I still keep getting the option request buyer to return item for refund. which I have done twice.  The funds are being held by Paypal until the dispute is resolved.  How do I go about issuing a refund? Also I want it all to be done through the case, so that it can be closed, and they have a record of the refund being made. Otherwise he will leave it open.  Can he then claim a second refund if the case closes automatically? He has already left me negative feedback claiming the phone is fake and do not buy from me! I had 100% positive feedback before this!  I have reported it but I am not sure there is any chance Ebay will remove it, they seem to allow the buyer to do whatever they want with no thought for the sellers at all. No where to get my point across, cases opened for no good reason, being harrassed into making a refund, can’t leave negative feedback for buyers, ,receiving negative feedback for no good reaso,, can’t even talk to a human being. I have had enough of ebay tbh. Any thoughts or comments welcomed, thank you all :smileyhappy: 

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