Ebay’s Return & Refund Policy is Crazy

I sold a £300 iphone 5 to a buyer who later opened a case saying the charger stopped working so he wanted a refund.


I accepted the request a week ago and haven’t heard from the buyer since even though I’ve sent him two messages on the dispute messages asking when he is returning the item.



Today DPD delivered a parcel to house number 1 with my name on it ( I live at number 14 so it was the wrong address ).


THe neighbour kindly gave me the parcel unopened. I didn’t know who it was from so I opened it only to discover a empty box. I called DPD and obtained the senders details. The company they gave me meant nothing so I took photos and held tight.



I was suspicious so I checked the dispute and discovered the buyer had entered the DPD tracking number after the parcel had been delivered so must have been waiting for it online.


I phoned Ebay straight away firstly telling them and secondly telling them he hadn’t even sent it to my address.



Before I say it I bet you’ve guessed…….Ebay told me the buyer has provided tracking that the item was sent back so they’re awarding the case in their favour!!!!!


They’ve given me the option of appealing the decision but either way the buyer is getting the goods and their money back and I expect they’ll top it off with a negative feedback too as they’ve left 6 negative feedbacks for buyers from their last 7 feedback comments.


Why do Ebay insist on doing this time and time again!

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