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ebay Shop Holiday Settings


I know I have done this before but now cannot remember – how can you put a message on your ebay account/listings to say you are unavailable for certain dates? Thanks

Answer for holiday setting on ebay

Holiday settings are only available to shop owners. You need to be selling from a shop to be able to put on holiday settings.

ebay Shop Holiday Settings
ebay Shop Holiday Settings

There is no point in just adding a message to the listings, bidders/buyers won’t take any notice, they’ll just hit the BIN button and expect their item as normal.

Take all your listings down now (especially your BIN listings ), you don’t want to sell anything just before or whilst you’re on holiday as the buyers could completely trash your account by bad feedbacks

You do have an active auction listing going on and if you are planning on going away anytime soon, you may need to consider how you’re going to handle that sale.

Good news: After research about eBay UK shop holiday settings, i found out that 

You can hide and block purchases from fixed price items from sale as well as display a return date.


Previously although fixed price items were hidden in search results if a buyer had them on their watch list or had previously purchased from you they could still see and click the buy now button. Now even if they can see your items you can choose to block them from search.


Advantage is that if you’ve built up a good position in Best Match search results you don’t have to cancel and relaunch your listings to ensure buyers don’t purchase for the few days that you’re unable to ship.


If you’re away for a week or even if you have a family emergency and need to stop selling just for a couple of days you can easily stop selling and restart from where you left off as soon as you’re back at work.

You can also display a message on your shop front to reassure buyers that although you’re away for a few days you are still trading and of course let them know when they’ll be able to purchase from you again.

If you’re not a ebay shop owner, You can just use the revise item function, and add it to your item description, whatever sentence you want to say. To be honest, I’ve always done this even in addition to holiday settings, which are rubbish because your message is tiny and frequently overlooked. Add to description at beginning, maybe also at end too, make it bold and red if you like. The main thing is it gets seen.

Ideally though, you wouldn’t have listings actually active when away since as long as they offer the ability to buy and pay, some buyers have expectations which override your holiday message, which is not always the best welcome back when you log in after your holiday

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