Here again in another pickle, trouble returning item.

Hi all

I bought a triple picture and upon receipt one of the 3 was a different shade to the other 2. I went through returns process which says seller accepts returns print this label. Well as typical as my luck is, the damn thing wouldn’t print and due to glitch in system (I’m told by Ebay) still won’t print 15 days later.

During this time I have been in contact with the seller and to cut a long story short, despite numerous messages to them they won’t say whether they will refund return postage. All I’m getting is an offer of a discount as they don’t want it back. I don’t want a discount, I want a refund of item and postage.

I called Ebay about this who were as good as useless! Couldn’t tell me if I would get a refund of postage, couldn’t tell me how long I have got to sort this out. All they said was they would email the seller. I said I need to know as going on holiday in a few days, but nothing of use.

I don’t know what to do. The thing is huge and will cost a fortune to send back. Incan’t get any information from anyone on what to do next, or an answer as to whether I will get a full refund and postage costs. Can anyone please help?

Thank you

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