Jersey-based seller shipped from Hong Kong – now I have to pay a VAT invoice from DHL

Hi, folks.


I bought a laptop screen from a seller whose page says he is based in Jersey. There was no indication until the estimated delivery date that the item I was buying would come from Hong Kong.


I’ve had a demand for payment of the VAT from DHL’s collection agency – nothing from DHL, but I think that might be an issue for another question. What I want to know is – Does eBay have a way of protecting buyers from the additional costs caused by EU-based sellers despatching their goods from outside the EU, and therefore causing these additional costs?


The VAT should have been £8, DHL added £10 collection fee (which they can, apparently, even though they didn’t do anything to earn it) and the collection agency has added another £10 for being the first to let me know there is some form of outstanding debt.


So my £56 item is going to end up costing me £84 unless there’s something I can do about it..?

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