laptop damaged in the post

Hi all


I purchased a repair service for a laptop, packaged the laptop and sent it off, when it was returned to me half of the packaging I sent was missing, the box was damaged and the laptop screen was smashed.

The seller of the service listed the courior they used as covering items up to £50 so I contacted the seller and they told me I had to contact the courior and make a claim, I contacted the courior they told me that I was not their customer so they could not speak to me regarding it and the seller had to make any claims. I contacted the seller again and informed them and sent pictures of the damage to the laptop, in their initial message to me they told me the laptop had been wrapped with all of the original packaging I had sent it with which was not the case as i told then if it had been used I would not have a smashed laptop screen. 

This is now a week and I have reached the point where I feel like any information coming from the seller is very sparse, not many replies to my mails and when I messaged that all I wanted was some kind of update because I was getting nothing from the courior and nothing back from them they messaged back and told me that they were waiting for the courior as well so its not their fault.

I have looked at the help in ebay for openeing a case or making a claim but the limited options in the help section dont cover my problem since iy was my laptop and they were providing a repair service and not an item.

I do have to point out that the laptop was returned working so the initial problem was repaired by the seller but the lack of packaging leading to the smashed screen makes it now unusable. From what I can see when I sent the laptop to them it was sent as weighing 3-5kg since the original box for the laptop listed it as 4kg and when it was returned it was shipped as weighing less than 1kg so from what I can tell the seller has binned half of the packaging to cut down on their return shipping costs leading to the damage occuring.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated since I dont know where to go from here.

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