Options in cancel transaction

What are all the options in a cancel transaction case? I don’t want to risk wrongly opening a case just to find out.


I have just seen this post http://community.ebay.co.uk/t5/Seller-Central/Only-learned-of-DEFECTS-now-After-5-years-of-Top-Rated/m-p/3449287#M179401

and am wondering if I could use that advice to try and remove a defect I have because I gave someone a spontaneous unrequested refund before I knew the consequences.


I found very minor damage to a new item that was still in its original packaging, which would not affect its performance but as it was a cheap bulky item I probably wouldn’t have put it on sale had I noticed this fault earlier. I asked the buyer what they wanted to do but they did not reply. Their feedback left for others included a few ineloquent negs and neutrals (and there were also a few feedbacks about poor comms left by their old buyers.) I was nervous of this buyer, also a very long-standing member, and therefore gave them a full refund and sent the item. If I’d known about the defects I’d have let them have the item for 50p or similar. The buyer has still never communicated with me but has evidently been on eBay since then, as they have left feedback for another seller and received a few feedback for presumably subsequent purchases.

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