Reason given for change to advertised postage

I recently had four separate orders (bids) despathced separately on different days from a Hong Kong seller with a UK depot where some UK advertised orders are posted from.. They should all have been sent standard (“tracked 24” (1st class)), Instead, each package was sent  by tracked 48 (2nd class). 


When i message (other) queried one that was late arriving after the due date to check to see if had been posted standard (24) as advertised or 48, I got the reply back stating that it had been despatched first class. Later that morning the order arrived and, of course, it had the tracked 48 label on it. I took a photo of it and messaged the seller back, attaching the photo and pointing out that it had indeed been sent out tracked 48 instead of tracked 24, this is the reply O got back:


“sorry since the item dimension of the parcel is beyond the request, so we post via tracked 48”


I think that someone’s losing the plot. In each case, the item (small pcb with components – Arduino) was sent in the same size padded envelope, it’s just that they printed out and stuck a tracked 48 label on it instead of a tracked 24 label.

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