The Free Listings that were not Free Listings – am I the only one?

In early July i.e. pre 12 July, I had continuous Free Listings after a Free Listing weekend. No listing fees were showing and no scheduling fees. I couldn’t believe that E-bay could be so generous, but just assumed that they had extended the Free Weekend listings, as the high listings fees must have considerably reduced their income from selling commission.


I was going away so scheduled a load of Re-lists, some being of low value but as they were free I was not losing the high 41p fee. My 20 free listings did not reduce at all at this time. I have returned to find that my 20 free listings have disappeared, and all the listings that showed £0 insertion fees and £0 scheduling fees, have cost me 41p each. I now have over £115 on my account when there should be nothing. I have e-mailed and phoned E-Bay but they do not believe me. I have been selling for about 8 years and I know that usually the listing fee and scheduling fee is shown when you list, but I cannot get through to them that these listings were actually being shown as £0 listings. Am I the only one this has happened to? If it was some kind of E-bay software bug surely someone else has had it, and with what result?

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