interesting seller response to a faulty item

I bought an external DVD player for my computer from an ‘ebay top rated’ business seller. it was fine – no problems at all; then a few days later a friend asked me to buy another the same for him. It arrived, I tried it  before I intended giving it to him, and this one didn’t work at all – wouldn’t even accept a DVD – it was completely dead.


I contacted the seller, and as I clicked on the ‘faulty item’ button, ebay automatically opened a case in the resolution centre. I explained the problem, and asked how and where to return the item and get a replacement.


The seller’s response to this? To save me having to return it, I can buy another for slightly less money, and keep the useless one!! So in fact I would have paid a lot more for my friend’s DVD player – and just as a matter of interest, what if this one also didn’t work? If the seller could be so sure that No.3  would work, why send a faulty one first?


I can only assume the seller thinks the one he sent me isn’t faulty, and I’m just lying about it – what a shame, and what a sad indictment of the world we live in.






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