No Payment

I have just sold a bike to a guy for £100, he asked questions when it was first listed which I answered and he opened with my starting bid, he was the only bidder.  The bidding ended and he hasn’t payed, gave him a bit of extra time past the 48hours and have now started a no payment case against him.  I gather I  have to wait 4 days before I can re-list my bike and get my seller fees back.  This guy had some info somewhere on ebay about running a shop and there was a mobile number, I commented on this to my wife so I didn’t imagine it, I can’t find this info now so I believe he has changed his mind about the bike and hidden the contact info.


Do these ‘no payers’ have markers so that sellers can ignore them, they just waste peoples’ time, I thought ebay was a true auction, obviously not.

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