Not sure why I have defects for eBay’s software mistakes – what will I be blamed for next?


I have two defects on my accounts that are the result of eBay’s own software not filtering correctly and yet I am somehow to blame.


I have one defect for a cancellation and another for an item that did not arrive – both of which are the result of the fact that Royal Mail will not allow International Signed For deliveries to P.O. box numbers – and because eBay’s software did not pick up the fact that they were P.O. box numbers – I have blocked buyers with them from bidding on my stuff because of the issue of posting and the possibility of defects. 


I feel that in blocking them, I did everything I could to prevent the very defects I am now lumbered with but both have happened since the block was put in place.  The cancellation is clearly a P.O. box number which, obviously, did not show up to me until the buyer had won the auction so cancellation was the only option, and the item that did not arrive was sent to something that, it would appear, is what P.O. box numbers are called in German, but which does not actually say it in that wording.  The buyer did not mention it, the counter staff at the Post Office did not say anything when I posted it, and as I don’t speak German, how on earth could I know, I just presumed that every variation would have been programmed in to the eBay software so why didn’t it pick them up?


I can’t know what P.O. box number is in every language of the world just in case the software fails again so the only option was to stop doing any international sales thus cutting my sales and eBay’s profits on those sales and on the postage which I charged for them – I do free p. and p. for U.K. sales – but I am so cross about the defects as I try really hard on all my listings – some people only do a line and mine can be essays with every detail so that no-one can have any problems, and I do as many photos as I can, and I send them confirmation when they pay, and when I send the item – I really do my best and this is what happens.


Has anyone successfully appealed a defect and won?  I did approach customer services but got the usual “we’ll look into it and call you back tomorrow” nonsense, with, of course, nothing from them in the week since.

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