Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel , these defects are killing me 450+ positive feedback 3 neutral 0 negatives   and yet i have 5.52% defect rate .  Buyer pays for item 11.56pm tue 22nd,on 48hr free courier , missed cut off , so must be sent 24th item arrived today 26th  but managed to open a case even though everything is stated clearly in my shipping info , cut off time , tracking number sent to buyer madness  , i had a good look through all these defects of the 5.52%  i was only to blame on .52%  (courier lost item)  the rest customers INR  ( yes you were out and never responded to couriers card)  General technical help , scammers   so frustrating after all the hard work .




I have come to the conclusion that maybe ebay do not want small sellers here (who are also buyers) , look at the resolution centre , how easy would it be to have one button to say CONTACT SELLER  then another button saying if you are not satisfied with sellers response CONTACT EBAY (only after contact seller has been used )    90% of my customers who opened a case say they did not intend to , were fully happy with the outcome / questions / issues   and left positive feedback so why are sellers being crushed ?




Imagine  this , you been driving to work for a year on the same road , speed limit is 70 mph then after 1 year the government decides to change the speed limit to 50mph but also they are going to go back and check the cameras for a year and anyone doing over 50mph is going to get a £100 fine and banned if caught 3 times !! Madness yes , but this is exactly what ebay are doing !




RANT over im just glad i do not have shares in ebay because they are going to plummet come 20th august


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