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Looking for some advise please. A buyer bought 2 tops from me on the 9/7/14. The buyer asked if I combined p&p which I did. The buyer paid and I went to dispatch the items via a courier but due to unforseen circumstances the courier could not come until 14/7/14. I explained this to buyer on the 10/7/14 and they were happy to wait . So the buyer had to wait 3 working days for them to be picked up (an extra day as I normally dispatch within 2 working days) I do not count the weekend really as “working” days. 


Anyway the buyer said the items took 10 days to get to her but she lives in the Highlands, Scotland  and the estimated delivery time was 5-7 working days. She got the items on the 19/7/14. 5 days from the 14/7/14 which I think is good. I counted the day after courier collected.


The buyer left neutral feeback on the grounds of the courier took for ever and the postage was not free. I never implied the p&p would be free and nor does the paypal transaction or the invoice deatils nor the sold page. They buyer claims that ebay have done this. When she went to leave feeback, apperantly the 5* for p&p was already counted due to the free p&p. 


The buyer claims ebay have done this. I don’t how due to the fact the was a charge on both items for p&p and the free p&p was not ticked on any of the 2 items. I have had no problems with other buyers and the combined invoice and have never heard of a buyer saying free p&p when there wasn’t.


does anyone have any ideas as I am clueless.



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