Photo didn’t match item received. How do I get vendor sanctioned?

I paid good money for a piece of 80s motorcycle racing equipment. Item arrived and was completely different in both condition and style, to what had been shown in the pics. Ebay has been no help at all, simply telling me to ask for a refund. I’m outside of the 1 month buyer protection period now, because I work abroad a lot. It turns out that the vendor makes thes items, so they’re not even authentic, but “replicas” of original period parts. No problem with this as such, only that because my initial email was along the lines of “**bleep** is this s**t you sent me”, they boasted that they make them in all shapes and sizes and that “if” I’d been nice, I could have had one sent out. I said I’d already made the purchase, so to stop dicking me about and just send it to me, and perhaps amend the listing to avoid “confusion” in the future. I’m certain that the listing was deliberately vague to hook unsuspecting punters into paying over the odds for the product on offer.

Anyway, I’m heading off to the small claims court. I just wonder why Ebay allow a vendor to use photos that don’t correspond to the item sold to me. Nowhere can I find any way of filing an official complaint. To boast of making something, and then refusing to supply it, should at the very least have the vendors account suspended. I have no interest in a refund at all. I just want the item in the picture.

Any ideas, please?

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