will the buyer win the case if she opens one?

i sold a real vintage fur coat last week

was described as vintage, with some damage as a size 12 ish as im a 10-12 as it fits me easily and doesnt actually have a size label on the item. i also stated i will provide actual measurements on request, as i was busy when i listed the item, i did state there was no size label and the size was a guess based on how it fit.


The buyer contacted me today saying its tiny and would only fit a size 8 (iv been a 10-12 for about 5 years, it fit me fine over winter clothes before xmas so that cant be possible). saying that i didnt mention that it sheds, which every fur coat iv have ever owned (my nana had a few and i inherited them) has shed, this seems to be the thing about rabbit fur. and saying that it smells musty, which as a vintage item i find alot of things like fur and leather do as they cant be washed properly, just aired, and it was just hung on a clothes rail in a bedroom, not a damp room and not in a moth eaten cupboard for as long as i have owned it. can she open a case and win. I dont believe i have listed anything wrong as the shedding and musty smell is due to what the item is, and the size i believe is right as i see it.

Thankyou for any replies

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