Fraud buyer – help please


Can I ask for some advice please.  I had a buyer for one of my products who subsequently asked me for feedback straight away.  Being gullible as I am I stupidly gave it.  About a week later they claimed they had not received their item.  It was only £2.99 so only sent standard post.  I felt unsure about it and e-mailed about 6 other sellers who they had purchased off.  All but one of them has said that they have had the same e-mail claiming their goods had not arrived.  We have all now reported them to e-bay for this who have done absolutely nothing about it.  I told the buyer that I would not be issuing a refund and I had reported them.  They have now subsequently opened a case.  Where do I stand and what should I do next as I am determined I am not issuing them a refund.

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