Item not as described – partial refund?

I recently purchased a sofa, my dad collected it and delivered it to me in my new flat.


When it arrived it smelled of wet dog, had obvious signs of dog hairs all over the sofa and there was sand/bits down the sides and underneath the cushions of the sofa.


The seller described the sofa as having been recently “proffessionally cleaned” and that the “dark spots” in the photograph were from the cleaning which would fade ofter 6 hours.


The dark spots are still there, it smells and has definately not been proffessionally cleaned but quite possible washed by hand by the owners as the sofa, which parts of it are still, should be a soft/chenile type fabric, has now gone hard and crispy?


I don’t want to return the sofa as I’m sure if I rented a steam cleaner or paid for a proffessional clean of the sofa it would be fine. Am i able to ask for a partial refund? To cover the costs of paying/renting cleaner?

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