Locked in a circle. How to escalate an INR case?

I opened an INR case against a seller who cancelled a sale. She only partially refunded and I refused that and am holding out for the full, correct amount (as no fault my side).


So, seller has responded to me and I to her and again her to me (with increasingly lengthy and intelligible messages). It’s going nowhere but all I’m getting from ebay on receipt of the seller’s latest is ‘Respond to Case’ (another waste of time reply to seller to just repeat ‘please refund fully’??)


‘If you’re satisfied with this solution, you can let the seller know by sending a message in the Resolution Center. If you don’t want to accept this offer, we encourage you to send the seller a message with solution that you’d be happy with.’


I want my justified refund, she is not going to give it, so how do I go to next step to escalate the claim and have ebay decide the matter?

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