Nothing ! then a flurry – timed visibility ?

Very strange activity going on with the items we have on here, i have just closed my shop with ALL the buy it now items/fixed price and sent most to auction format making sure they end at the weekend.Over the last few months we have had strange flurries of activity … etc nothing for 4 days then a Wed night at 7pm a sale …then another …. then a question … then a few bid notifications . Then a period of quietness… followed by some activity, all at once .All my other outlets are ticking along at an even pace so i know its not my PC ! . It would be interesting to know if my listings are not visible or accessable for the whole of the period i have paid for. So far auction end times seem to be in real time and only 10-14 mins adrift, but im not convinced the But it now format is working too well

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