Overbid error

I’ve just overbid in an auction. Current bid 1p and I put in a maximum bid of  £61 instead of 0,61p!  p*p is £1.99 on top.


The auction ends in about an hour. I’ve mesaged the seller asking them if they can cancel my bid and explained the reason. The seller is one I’ve dealt with regularly so that shouldn’t be a problem. However, because they are based in China, there’s a fair chance they’re probably in bed by now and so will probably not see my message until after the ausction..


I assume that there’s no way I can cancel the bid myself?


As it was a maximum bid, there’s always a chance that the final bid will be at a reasonable price, in which case that’s not a problem.and if my bid hasn’t been cancelled by then then I’ll just pay the end price – they sell the item elsewhere on their listings for £5.99 including p&p, so there should be a good chance that the bid total (with p&p) doesn’t exceed that price

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