Really not happy about ebay customer support

It begins with me buying an xbox 360 bundle of ebay, It was all described as in exerlent condition, so I brought the bundle for £160.


I recive the console and relise that half the games are heavily scratched and alot of them not working, so I contactthe buyer and ask to return for a refund, but get no reply.


I then open a case, which the buyer then privatly messages me after saying he will give a partial refund of £25, but that he is out of the country and wont be back until the 10th. I dont want a partial refund, I just want to return for a refund.


I then on the 8th day of opening a case, I escalate to customer support, to be able to return the item, and in the little box it says they will get back to me within 48 hours.


After 48 hours I get no reply,  so I try contact them (which is nere imposible to find any contact details) I manage to get the live chat option after entering some wrong options in the problem boxes.


Once I get through to someone, I expalin its been 48 hours whats going on, I just want to return the bundle, the person said they cant help me with this problem, and no one from the right area is available to help, but the will make it a high prority and get back to me within 42-72 hours (which I feel like they are just fobing me off)


All I want is to return the item for a full refund, as half of it is faulty, but so far its been 10 days, and I cant even return it yet, what a joke.

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