SNAD redefined to include late delivery?

This is from .com, so may not be applicable here. Also, it clearly applies to late delivery – not dispatch.


The link below is to a chat session with Ebay reps – they seem to do a bit more than C&P over there.


The issue is summarised in this quote from the Ebay rep (from #16 in the thread):


Your handling time and shipping method are part of your listing, so if an item arrives late, then the issue could be classified as a “not as described” issue. It’s important to note that just because a buyer makes a not as decribed claim, the seller is not helpless to defend themselves. Uploading tracking showing that you did ship within your stated handling time is a great way to prove your side of the issue.


    The rest of the comment was, “We will track the resolution and help if you ask us to step in.” I don’t thnk that implies the buyer is owed anything other than a resolution, which could be simply an explanation. Also, if the issue is decided in the seller’s favor, there is no defect.

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