Why no facility on eBay to view feedback/reviews for individual products?

Why no facility on eBay to view feedback/reviews for individual products? Do eBay have no faith in the items the seller’s list on it’s online platform?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I rarely have time to trawl through pages upon pages of neutral and negative feedback to see if there is any poor feedback for an item I am interested in buying. I often give up looking at feedback after a few pages, as the process is so frustrating and laborious.


Why is eBay’s feedback system so clunky? It seems to me to be a system which has been designed to hide poor feedback a seller receives for particular products. It certainly is not a feedback system which seems to serve the buyer in terms of ease of use.


After so many negative shopping experiences this past year with eBay sellers who can bury any negs/neutrals for particular items in pages upon pages of feedback I find I am increasingly doing more and more shopping on Amazon and with other online retailers (even if I have to pay a little more), because at least then you can easily read reviews for each individual item you want to purchase. EBay has to be one of the last few online retailing platforms which do not provide a facility where you can read feedback/reviews for individual products. What is eBay afraid off? Losing more sellers if it provides a fair and transparent feedback system?


I believe it can only be a win/win situation for eBay if it did introduce individual feedback for each item. Sellers would no longer be so tempted to be dishonest in descriptions, or list substandard stock etc and bring eBay’s reputation into disrepute. And buyers would look upon eBay as a more transparent and trustworthy place to shop.


I had another recent incident with eBay a few days ago, which has left me feeling even more disillusioned. EBay removed 3 well deserved feedbacks I left for an eBay seller who has to be one of the worst I have come across in a long time. I have noticed eBay is removing more and more negative feedback for sellers in questionable circumstances. EBay did not even have the courtesy to send an email to explain why they felt compelled to remove the feedback. So I am left stumped, not knowing what I did wrong in eBay’s eyes. I am now feeling powerless in my ability to warn the eBay community about unfair traders. I as a buyer am beginning to feel increasingly alienated by eBay, and plan to take my custom elsewhere whenever at all possible.

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