Another Global Shipping Program thread

So….been reading and hearing about Ebays partnership with Pitney Bowes (PB) and the Global Shipping Program (GSP) that they introduced approx. 2 years ago now i think.

The 1st thing that baffles me. For all the negativity surrounding this program I cant believe its still alive and kicking. Which frankly means


1) Its working better than all the reports suggest

2) Ebay are just sticking their fingers in their ears singing lalala

3) Ebay are making an absolute killing

4) All of the above & <insert own reason here>


Anyway Im a collector of vintage glasses, based in the UK and purchase many items from the States because thats where most of all the rare and decent stuff is that I particularly collect.  

Now since coming across GSP I have been very careful not to get involved with any US seller who has this program on their listing, which incidently is easy to identify, as it states on the brief description in the listings view “customs services and international tracking provided”.

However, I came across an item which Ive been hunting high and low for for ages. I got excited. Real excited. Looked at the listing and realised they had GSP attached.


“You’re kidding me!”


Couldnt believe it. Absolutely gutted.


It had 5 days left of the auction and in those 5 days I managed to talk myself into going against everything I had told myself previously and decided to go for it. End of the auction i win it. A decent price and although the import charges knocked it up a fair whack, i was still relatively happy for what I gought it for.


And now this where the story gets interesting…. I pay for the item and within an hour the buyer comes back to me saying “can you confirm this is the right address and we’ll send it to you” Sending me (as I know now) the Kentucky depot address. I said “yep thats fine, send it”

The seller comes back to me again and says that I havent paid the $22 delivery charge. Saying I still owed $10 and to pay immediately. I check on Paypal and low and behold PB have not only claimed their $30 import charge but also robbed $12 off the delivery charge.

Anyway an email was sent to seller stating that it wasnt my fault that  PB had taken a cut off the delivery cost and they needed to take it up with Ebay/PB as I wasnt going to pay any extra and I still expected the item to arrive.

Next thing I know the seller is sending me another message claimiing that they dont send international, they dont know anything about PB and custom charges, but they will still send the goods and take it up with Ebay.


I ended up offering the seller some advice to take pictures of his packing incase it arrived damaged and I had to file a claim.


So here is the 1st stage of my experience with Ebays GSP. As the days go by I will put updates up. It could go swimmingly well (fingers crossed) or it could end up being a total disaster, but we shall see.


Wish me luck and see you soon. :smileywink:




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