I have bought an item & paid for it. Seller now asking for more money or will relist it.

I  bought an item in auction 4 days ago & paid immediatelly via paypal. Seller now messages me 4 days later & say ebay made a mistake & ended item early [I don’t believe this] ] but she will send item if I pay extra money or she will re-list item. Looking at her feedback I suspect she has done this before. I cannot find a way to contact ebay via phone or email but have had to go via drop down options & have had to make a complaint against seller without being able to explain that she is trying to get more money out of me. I feel strongly that this is something that should not be tolerated & is also illegal but have not been able to explain my problem to ebay. It is not just a case of making a complaint against a seller, it is more explaining what has happened & that I have been asked for more money. It is not a large amount of money but I don’t think that is the point. i would like to be able to forward the message that the seller sent me to ebay & then they could check this out. Unfortunately it seems that I am not able to do so or even email/phone them


Very frustrating. I have been an honest member of ebay for over 20 years & think that such sharp practice should be stamped out. Unfortunately I think that many of us who are honest are concerned about getting negative feedback from others which stops us from complaining along with it bing impossible to contact ebay.



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