Paying as a Guest. If Paypal use an email address you have deleted you have to pay

Paypal did not put into place a change of email.  Therefore when I tried to make a payment – I couldn’t I had to pay as a guest.  What they did not tell me is that guests, if they dispute the item, cannot dispute the item with Ebay – it has to be via Paypal.  The transaction is “secret” you and no one else can see it – only Paypal.  Can you see the problem here.  You buy something that is not as described and you have to move heaven on earth to try to get someone to listen.


The seller did not respond for a significant number of days.  Seller did not disput garment was not as described but Paypal went ahead and settled in their favour.  This is a direct contradiction to Ebay policy.  Has this happened to you?  Sellers who ship items which are not as described can exploit this loophole.!

Please see attached photo of damaged garment.  There is no where on Ebay/Paypal site to upload this picture! Thats an excellent decision for Ebay – not a good decsion for customers!!!

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