PayPal’s new 180 day buyer protection

I thought I’d just lob another reminder about this into the pot!  From the relatively few threads about this I have the impression that sellers have almost closed their minds to this because they can’t believe it’s true.


But it is true.  For purchases from 17th June buyers will now be able to open INR or SNAD cases without any prior contact up to 180 days – six months! – from the date of payment.


No doubt this is fair for some purchases from abroad, especially China, where sellers have a reputation for stringing buyers along with promises of replacements.


But it places ordinary UK sellers in an unimaginable situation. How on earth can buyers be allowed to wait for six months before reporting that items haven’t arrived?? Or claiming that they arrived damaged? Royal Mail will only accept claims for lost post if submitted within 3 months of posting – or 80 days in the case of damage.


In the more than 10 years that I’ve been a user of eBay I have thought several times that things can’t possibly be made any worse for sellers. But eBay and PayPal keep proving me wrong.

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