seller unregistered on paypal

Hello community, im new to ebay myself, I recently won a auction, and sent payment almost immediately.

Its showing as unclaimed in paypal transactions, and upon clicking details says user is unregistered.

I have tried contacting the seller to no avail, I have requested his contact information from ebay, and it also appears hehas no email address associated with his/her account.

Could this be a simple typo error? Or would you advice tocancel payment?
The auction ended yesterday, so maybe a bit early to be concerned. Soa case ofwaiti g it out a bit longer?

He/she is also a newmember it seems with only 1 auction listed, butthe other day when I bidded, theyhad 4 or 5, but no bids on the other auctions.

I get a feelinghe or she removed said items

Basically im looking for advice here guys and girls. It will be greatly appreciated.


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