Why are defects from overseas sales appearing on UK dashboard

I have today picked up yet another defect, this time from a Spanish customer with a nice little pair of 1’s for IAD and dispatch.


Firstly, why are these appearing on my UK dashboard? Buyer is in Spain & item was posted to Spain.  Or have ebay sneakily changed the rule again and it’s now an EU dashboard. This is the 3rd overseas sale that shows on my UK figures (2 old rules)


Secondly, how accurate is the feedback removal policy on help pages. The feedback left was 

Positive feedback rating Muchas gracias por todo rapido y muy recomendado


Now google Spanish is better than mine, so the translation is something like “Thank you for all the fast and highly recommended”.


Surely this contradicts the DSRs left? I thought I’d read a thread re ebay don’t remove but can’t find it and feedback removal policy on help pages still shows “Feedback or DSR related defects when the comment is clearly positive”


I know I’m probably clutching at straws but hey ho. I now have to spend this afternoon crunching numbers to see if I can safely stop selling on my account and transfer listings to another account. Oh yeh, and removing international postage from all my listings!!! 




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