Sorry, this recipient can’t accept payments right now.

PayPal says “You can send to almost anyone, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.” but when I try to send to someone using a gmail address, I get the error “Sorry, this recipient can’t accept payments right now.”.  What’s up?

Another questions:

I recently bought an item of eBay and tried to pay for it with paypal. I have paid for items with paypal before but when I tried to pay for I got the message “This recipient is currently unable to receive money”. I contacted the seller and he said he tried to fix the problem but with no luck. Now he wants me to pay him directly with paypal. Anyone know what I should do?


  1. It means that PayPal has restricted their account. Likely for fraud concerns.

     You do not have to pay any other way. DO NOT send check or money order or pay a different PayPal account/email address which will void your eBay Buyer Protection Policy coverage.

     Seller should send a Mutual Cancellation and you should agree. If they won’t, report them to eBay for not having a valid PayPal account:

    Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.
  2. SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING IS WRONG, This person cannot recieve paypal, so even if you did send direct paypal this person still can”t recieve money. This person my be in a jam with paypal and don”t you get involved. Ask this person if they will accept a Post Office money order as payment, if they have questions, tell them a direct paypal payment may be going outside ebay which is against ebay policy. Tell this person you”ll pay with a Post Office money order, be nice with your emails to this person. If they refuse the money order from the post office tell them that”s all you can do and maybe this person should send you a want to cancel this transaction form. to do this have this person click on customer support, top and right of ebay page, then click on resolution center, then click on I want to cancel this transaction, once they get the form they should mark ACCEPT and send form back to you. This wayy everybody is in the clear as to say. Check back here often for other ebay members advise
  3. Rather, this person would send you the cancel transaction form you would mark ACCEPT and send back to this person, that person gets ebay fees credited and you don:”t have top pay and a case is not opened against you and your not getting involved with something that can cause you to loose your ebay account.

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