Dear Paypal. Can I have my pending funds now?

First of all, I am not a hard core eBay seller. I’ve had maybe 22 transactions so far and I have 100% feedback. I sold an item on 11/14 that was shipped to a processing center to be internationally mailed to Canada. 

When I tried to print USPS labels through PayPal, the website wasn’t working correctly. So, I did my labels through USPS. I provided PayPal the tracking number.


USPS shows the package has been delivered to the processing center as of 11/20.


Upon entering the tracking info here in Paypal, it EXTENDED my hold time from 12/3 to 12/9.


For WHAT reason?


Am I getting interest on my money that you are essentially borrowing?


Should I start looking for a more seller friendly payment option from now on?



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