Incorrect account charged (via My Mapco application)

     This is in regard to a transaction made through the My Mapco android application, which has PayPal listed as a payment option. However, this app does not provide a funding source selection option during transaction completion. It simply says “Payment options: PayPal”. So I figured that I must be able to edit the funding source on the PayPal site by clicking on the transaction after it shows up. Just in case though I set my credit card as the default funding source under Payment Preferences>Paying in Stores. 


     The transaction seemed to go through fine at the pump. When I got back to my computer I promptly clicked on My Preapproved Payments, and selected the transaction in question. Under Funding Source I selected my credit card as the backup funding source after PayPal balance. Now, when the transaction actually posted somehow it came out of my bank account as an instant transfer and did not charge the credit card at all.


     Not sure what is going on here, but I feel as if I have preformed due diligence on my end only to end up with a NSF charge on my bank account and a less than helpful 20 min+ call to PayPal support….  I have also contacted Mapco and the bank on this issue, both parties direct me back to PayPal. 


Any help with this greatly appreciated.



 (Unique Transaction ID #4BL91385PH0120504)

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