PayPal Credit no longer working???

Anyone else having this issue?  If so let me know if you have a fix.  It’s profoundly annoying.  I’ve been trying to purchase something on PayPal credit that is right around $400.  I NEVER had any issues when it was setup as bill me later, but now everytime I try to purchase this item (car part) that I’ve tried to buy from 4 different websites that all accept paypal credit, including ebay, will not work.  I select the payment option as PayPal credit and it then trys to redirect me to sign up for an account.  Which is confusing seeing as how I have an account.  After trying to go back and try again, it says that my purchase could not be authurized and to try a different payment method.  This has been going on for the past 4 days.  Thinking it could be a tech issue on paypals end, I waited.  Still nothing.  I’ve searched the boards and have only found 1 post on this happening but no resolution was stated.  Any help would be awesome.

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