Accidentally sold international (from USA) – How can I protect myself from scams?

I posted an item and it sold today. I have the text “Sales to USA only, no international shipments or sales. No exceptions.” in my auction, but I apparently missed some sort of option to only sell to people in the USA when I originally posted the item.


I want to protect myself from possible scamming. I don’t sell on eBay much, but it was the best way to sell this item.


  • What should I do to protect myself?
  • What should I look for to make sure I’m not getting scammed?

The seller (as far as I can tell) has not given any indication of how he will pay. I’m not sure how to find this out or how to know that his payment will be trustworthy. I am refusing any cashier’s checks or money orders as payment. Paypal only.


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