I have a big problem.

I want to pay in “X” web and when im in the transaction page of Paypal i write my user and password to make the pay with my Paypal balance, but instantly ask me for verify my account using my phone to receive a sms code or automated call, but the problem is that the phone that i add 4 years ago is not already my, i change of number 2-3 years ago, but i dont add to paypal because i dont use my account anymore. 
Now im started a business and im back to my account, and add my actual phone, but paypal say that is appear to not be in my name, so i cant use it to verify my account when the system ask me for that during the transaction. 
I understand this is for security reasons and is so good that my account is secured by your system, but this is a big problem, because i can do anything with my funds.
So I want a solution.
1.- I need that my actual phone be recognized as my own and unique number, then i can easily make shops with my account every time the system ask me for verification. 
2.- Remove this verification of my account, i will be responsible if in the future this cause me a problem, and i assume all the responsibility.
I don’t know what to do! I have a family and a life and i need my money ready when i need it, or say me if you can not resolve my problem to find another payment processor to my business, i really don’t want to but this is freaking me out and cause me a lot of problems.
Please give a fast and quickly solution, i have customers waiting for this big problem, because i don´t know if i will be still using Paypal. 

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