Lack of Service from Paypal; PAYPAL Scam

Paypal has scammed me by taking out about 7 dollars from my card. Want to know why? Well. In the beginning, I had a card on my Paypal a long time ago. I wanted to add another card; so yesterday when I put the card information it said “card could not be linked” and I noticed I put it in Debit. So I was like “Okay, maybe thats why.” I tried credit, same thing. So I was like okay. Gift card? No use. So I kept clicking on the credit card slot and it kept popping up that message. Something told me to check out my transactions. Come to find out, multiple “ON HOLD” attempts took out -1.00 out of my card saying “Store Purchase EBAY MARKET” and then I go to check my email, and it said “Your card was linked.” Like no? It said it wasn’t. Multiple attempts was taken to call Paypal’s lousy service. On here, no attempt.I already have a post and no one responded.  Facebook, no. Twitter, no. Email? You guessed it. Nope. I even called them, no answer. I want my money back as soon as possible the lack of participation here is devastating along with the slow service on the call; or the terrible robot email responses that has nothing to do with your situation. I want to know why wasn’t I notified by this and I want to know WHEN and HOW I’ll recieve my money back. I unlinked my credit card also. 

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